thanks to everyone who still follows me, but im deleting. my time with all of you on here will always be remembedred. i love you all <3. who knows, maybe ill be back? see you in the future :)

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Please read this -thecareerdistricts

I don’t know if alot of you remember me as thecareerdistricts but I don;t use this blog anymore but I am ALWAYS on twitter I have over 1000 followers on there, please feel free to follow me on there <3

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*me as a parent*

son: I got an A on my exam

me: fukin nerd


The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins





Nobody wants me I’m expired milk

Sometimes expired milk is okay but only after a week but sometimes my grandfather drinks it when it’s really expired because he no longer can taste anything because he’s like 87.

I’m so glad at least your grandpa wants me tell him to hmu for a date

He said no

they’re teaching me to kill - who’s teaching me to love?


im v proud of these 




whoever came up with this is probably still patting themselves on the back at this very moment

i went to burger king when they got these and the girl said “would you like some satifries? theyre really satifrying.” and the boy behind her goes “shut up” and she goes “hes not satifried with my puns.”




name one fucking difference between wii sports tennis and real tennis you piece of shit


shut the fuck up i don’t have to listen to this


the scariest thing about the Hunger Games films is when Caesar Flickerman legitimately makes you smile because he is the one that turns this twisted fight to the death into mindless entertainment for the masses and in that moment you realize that just for a second it worked on you.



no one really cares about me anymore i used to be thecareerdistricts but now im always tweeting @pxnsy